What if you could

  • be calm and grounded,

  • face challenges with self-confidence,

  • reason before you act,

  • solve difficult problems effectively,

That is:

What if you could be a happy person?

We all have an unconscious mind, which is more intelligent and creative than our conscious mind. This is what Einstein and others assert in The Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field, a book written by mathematician Hadamard.


The question is why the unconscious mind is often not operational. A lawn mower may not be operational, not because it is broken, but because the carburetor is dirty. You have to clean it with a solvent.


If you want to ask your unconscious mind for help, you have to clean your conscious mind from confusions and contradictions first. Your requests have to be clean and clear and consistent. Only then, the unconscious mind will understand your input. But what is the best cleaning agent?


An outstanding example is the mathematics of a genius, whose work has been guided by his unconscious mind. His mathematics is very different from today's. His reasoning is informal, while today's mathematics is formal and rigorous--and boring. The mathematical part of the work of Leonard Euler (1707-1783) comprises 29 quarto volumes, which took the mathematical community more than a century to digest.