Societal Pressure-Cookers: 

If the valve in a pressure cooker is blocked, the cooker will blow up if heated. Likewise: From 1770 to 1918, the pressure of demands for individual rights blew up the (dominance of) monarchies: American War of Independence (Revolutionary War), French Revolution, World War I. Before these full explosions, however, there always takes place a period of 

Societal Decay 

The 1776 American Declaration of Independence contains the phrase: 


Life and Liberty can be guaranteed by a suitably constructed government, Happiness not. But what does it help if people are alive and free, but miserable? 

When the pressure in a cooker builds up, its material starts to weaken, Likewise: If unhappiness in a society builds up, society starts to fall apart: Drug abuse, mass shootings, crimes, inefficient institutions, increasing ignorance, cynicism, missing frankness, distrust, thinking in the box, high stress levels, attention-deficit, hyperactivity, depression, mood swings, anger, societal discord, and so on. 


Its pursuit is hard, but good work. You will not become happy by getting drunk or high or just reading through this website. This site outlines a program. The video page STORIES and the testimonial page contain some of its results. 


Happiness and (global) efficiency are synonymous. Happy people are efficient, just as happy cows give more milk. To be efficient, you need to mobilize your unconscious mind. Our conscious mind gets too easily confused and misguided. To mobilize your unconscious mind, you need to clean yourself from ideologies by using your critical thinking (informal logic). 


You need to clean yourself from ideologies for two reasons. The first is societal: You might start fighting with people, who hold different convictions, instead of working with them. The second is psychological: Your unconscious mind will reject the question you are asking if the question is infused with an ideology. Your unconscious mind will consider it babbling.